Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have filled out the contact form via our website, your claim will be evaluated by one of our claims analysts.
Based on the business intelligence we have on the company in question, we will decide the best course of action to take. The unique details of your claim will decide how your claim is processed; either using our in-house resources or utilizing our global network of attorneys.

International financial fraud can be very complicated and time-consuming, Wealth Recovery International streamlines this process giving you a professional and experienced point of contact with global reach and connections. We work with a network of international attorneys experienced in combating financial fraud who will fight your claim and help you recover your out-of-pocket investment.

Wealth Recovery International provides clients with the following services:

  • Claims Assessment
  • Litigation Advisory
  • Funds Recovery
  • Investment Advisory

Wealth Recovery is not a law firm, but we have in-house attorneys with experience in binary options asset recovery who will analyze your claim and strategize the best route of recovery for you. In addition, our clients can utilize Wealth Recovery’s extensive network of international attorneys who cover different jurisdictions to ensure you have the strongest representation to fight and win your claim.

All the attorneys we associate with understand the sensitive nature of financial fraud and the emotional hardships that surround it.

The majority of binary options fraud operations are located in Israel and owned by Israeli nationals. Israel is the epicenter of the fraud, and the primary location to gather the intelligence needed to recover your money. Our headquarters are in New York, and we currently liaise with intelligence agencies in Tel Aviv in order to cover all aspects of the fraud.

We continue to work intimately with our established Israeli attorneys and intelligence organizations, however, as these fraud operations move offshore, our clients can also utilize Fund Recovery Ltd’s extensive network of international attorneys who cover different jurisdictions.