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Funds Recovery Ltd is the world’s leading provider of judicial services with an emphasis on delivering local, bespoke and foreign recovery solutions to its clientele for Forex & Binary Options Recovery.

We are an International investigative firm that specializes in financial recovery. We are located and incorporated as a limited liability company in the state of New York.

We have a team of lawyers on ground and private investigators who work with local and international law enforcement agencies to bring these crooks to book and recover our clients funds.

We also have an ever growing number of Testimonials and Referrals from past clientele. We have taken it upon ourselves to bring our services to the surface web community to help restore joy in hearts of victims.

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Our mission is to provide our clients with a proven way to fight back to recover their money after being scammed, lied to or had their information compromised.

Most consumers facing financial losses have very few options when it comes to fund recovery. Though there is a lot of information about scams online, and different places where consumers can make complaints, there are very few practical fund recovery service providers. Fund Recovery’s team seeks to remedy this problem.

As a team of professionals with vast working knowledge of chargebacks and wire recalls. We leverage our experience to present your case effectively and professionally to your bank in order to maximize your chances to recover your funds.

Experienced and passionate about what we do, we recover your investment from False Binary Options, Forex, Cryptocurrency & Asset /Wealth Management Companies or schemes.

If you’re a victim of an online or offline scam, please feel free to schedule a Free Consultation with our team. We can be of assistance in your fund recovery efforts, fill in our quick form and one of our professional and compassionate legally trained advisors will respond to you. From there we will quickly analyze the situation and advise you on what happens next. 

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